MMO Disables Chat After Players Discover It Could Be Used To Send Malware


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I think we could all agree that general chat in MMOs is often not super great. Now imagine if those spam-slinging all-caps jerkholes may possibly also force everyone to download computer viruses via that chat window.

Yesterday, an associate of the subreddit for that long-running action-MMO Tera posted in regards to a potentially ruinous vulnerability from the game’s chat system. The poster, Gosukek, and also other players on Discord, claimed that Tera’s chat interface uses HTML, and therefore if unscrupulous types got creative, they can theoretically it is able to from forcing everyone to see nauseating imagery to collecting everybody’s IP address to remotely executing malware and viruses on people’s computers. This issue has seemingly been present for years.

In response, Tera publisher En Masse quickly announced that this game’s chat services will be taken offline. It added, however, it seems as if nobody’s taken advantage on the vulnerability until now.

“There are certainly serious claims going swimming of what this vulnerability potentially allows malicious users to try and do,” En Masse wrote in the forum post. “We consider these claims very seriously but, as of this time, we've no evidence how the vulnerability is now being exploited within these ways or that any player information is compromised.”

As of now, all chat except guild chat continues to be disabled as the game’s developers work towards a fix. There is currently no ETA because it’ll be re-enabled. Given that MMOs are kinda information about communicating with other players, probably proceed to wait before jumping into this one—if, you recognize, you had been suddenly about to

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