Path of Exile - roller "Fight with Vilenta boss"


Date & time Jun 21
Event ends Jun 22 '23
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In patch 3.2.0, besides the Bestiary League from the action / RPG the Path of Exile look and a new boss in Act 10, Vilenta. Therefore, the developers chose to please you with all the video, which demonstrates the Buy Chaos Orb struggle with this formidable opponent.

Thanks for the video you can view what skills she has, is just how difficult your struggle, if he calls helpers like Vilenta affairs with mobility, and just how easy could it be to dodge the attacks in the enemy.

And if you are just now learned about Bestiary League, which is to start taking March 2 so it brave heroes to monitor, catch and sacrifice animals to Buy POE Items build powerful items. You will be able to obtain new equipment and stones, destroying ancient Uber, better explore the wildlife Reklasta and find your own zoo.

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