Aura Kingdom Mobile launched in Southeast Asia prior to the West side access


Date & time Jun 29
Event ends Jun 30 '23
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Aura Kingdom Mobile is manufactured by X-Legend, a sport production company of Taiwan. Announced a different time, many individuals think that it is a form of collecting game character or if the RPG will observe the path in the Buy Aura Kingdom Gold game action role-playing mobile. This game brings an absolutely new design of play, characterized by a sport client.

Up to eight character classes for players to pick. Each character gets the skills and characteristics of the company's own. With a large number of Dungeon and Boss stretched throughout the mold Level, Aura Kingdom Mobile could make players tired along with his challenges.

Forget concerning the type of player the duty in a main village then into exile and fight monsters alone and you still see in other RPGs. Aura Kingdom Mobile is a fully open world game, to meet other players, speak to them, the identical duty. 6 buttons for player skill test development. Move by simply clicking on the map, like the game on PC.

Few days ago, the English version on the game has officially been confirmed. However, a brand new notification on the manufacturer said hello will launch the Aura Kingdom Gold for sale 1st server from the Southeast Asian region inside the next 7/3 days ahead of the launch on the international market.

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