Blizzard Denies World of Warcraft: Legion 10 Million Subscriber Report


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Blizzard denies the veracity of the favorable report, proclaiming that it does not discuss World of Warcraft subscriber numbers anymore being a company policy.

The success of World of Warcraft is certainly that it is unlikely to Warmane Gold get replicated anymore, no less than while games remain in their current state prior to the next big technological advancement. World of Warcraft‘s sustained quantity of dominance while catering to numerous players for more than a decade is just unheard of, and Blizzard’s deft hand has extended beyond precisely the sphere of online games when it comes to the Warcraft property – the Warcraft film had become the most successful video gaming movie available earlier august. Love it or hate it, nearly everything World of Warcraft touches usually turn to gold.

That trend continued august with the discharge of World of Warcraft: Legion, which sold 3.3 million copies at launch and matched the records it set if it was at its peak popularity within the late 2000s. A recent report did actually solidify the expansion’s success if this stated that World of Warcraft was go back over 10 million subscribers, but apparently Blizzard disagrees. The developer, via PC Gamer, issued your firm stand out regarding the report, which surfaced together with an interview with game director Tom Chilton for Polish gaming magazine Pixel:

“This would be a miquote, or some form of misunderstanding for the journalist…our policy for almost a year now's that we usually do not talk about subscriber numbers, and Tom didn't do that using this type of publication.”

While the report made sense to gamers taking into consideration the rave reviews World of Warcraft: Legion has brought since its launch, in retrospect it’s unlikely how the MMORPG has actually been able to surpass tens of millions of subscribers again. The last time Blizzard officially reported subscriber numbers for World of Warcraft was only under a year ago, using the Warmane Gold for sale population of paid subscribers estimated to get around 5.5 million. Even if Legion is the greatest expansion Blizzard has available for World of Warcraft, that sort of drastic shift seems unfeasible.

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