Family Guy to Air a World of Warcraft-Themed Episode on April 1st


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The iconic primetime animated comedy Family Guy is rumored to air a World of Warcraft-themed episode this Sunday.

Although it's April Fools Day and several large brands makes use of the day for their Cheap Warmane Gold advantage for comical marketing antics and unforeseen announcements, apparently Family Guy is legit relating to plan to air a World of Warcraft-themed episode this Sunday, April 1st.

The news came today on the Family Guy official Twitter account, in which the account posted some key art. The image shows Stewie and Peter as being a paladin and orc, respectively. Check it out below. Seems like plenty of trouble to pass through for an issue that isn’t legit, and let’s be realistic – it could be a pretty lame April Fools joke through the creators of 1 of the most iconic television comedies.

The comments about the tweet are very funny, as numerous fans poke fun at Family Guy and Fox internet marketing so late on airing a WoW-themed episode, as South Park had already completed it seasons ago. One commenter called focus to the fact that it can be obviously an advertising and marketing gimmick to younger audiences while using new expansion announcement keeping the WoW community within a frantic buzz.

If you’re concerned using the legitimacy with this episode, it really is worth noting the synopsis with the episode on IMDB doesn’t say anything about World of Warcraft being the theme in the episode, nevertheless it does tease the episode may very well be about: “Peter as well as the guys get caught pretending for being military veterans and they are sentenced to become listed on the Coast Guard.”

Either way, fans should wait until Sunday to find out if the gang is basically up to some WoW-related shenanigans.

Do you would imagine Family Guy is pulling our collective leg on this one? Who are you trying to Buy Warmane Gold see Peter, Lois, Stewie, Brian, Meg, and Chris participate in the episode? Let us know from the comments below!

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