World of Warcraft The Brawler’s Guild To Include Characters From Overwatch


Date & time Jul 6
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Blizzard’s tradition of merging its games continues while using upcoming World of Warcraft patch 7.1.5 which marks the return of The Brawler’s Guild. This time, the guild will even include a new parody mode called Ogrewatch.

As the name suggests, the Cheap Warmane Gold modern mode is clearly modeled after blizzard’s latest IP, the c's based FPS Overwatch.

WoWhead did a close breakdown of the numerous ranked fights in The Brawler’s Guild and based on those, Rank 6 will feature some familiar characters.

One of the boss fights is against a gorilla named Hudson. Hudson is furnished with a barrier projector, jump pack and tesla canon. Clearly inspired by Overwatch’s Winston.

Similarly, two other bosses are also mentioned. Stuffshrew who laughs and throws bombs like Junkrat and Dupree, a cowboy that can take a long time to Outland Gold shoot but deals massive damage whenever he shoots, similar to McCree’s ultimate from Overwatch.

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