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Why the massive disparity between the MSQ, daily quests and side quests? And be sure to come to us if you want the best deal on Final Fantasy XIV GIl.

▶ Level 69 side quest grants 120k

▶ Level 69 MSQ grants 240k.

▶ Level 69 daily quest 309k

The most probable reason is the devs aren't manually assigning XP rewards for quests. Instead the XP totals are probably computed with some function based off the level of the quests. These XP totals are only ever adjusted between expansions to either speed up leveling via the MSQ or shut off quick leveling via leves once the expansion hits. 

It's because they are side story quests, they are totally optional. That said since you are talking about SB side quests, I also have to point out that some of these quests enable functions such as flying in a zone and many others award HQ gear for that level. So, whether they reward XP or not, it can be very much worth doing them.

Later on, when you are at level cap on your main job, you can always go back and do these optional quests for the XP and to get the broad background story and what not that they reveal. If you have any more troubles when playing FFXIV, FFXIV4Gil can not only provide best cheap FFXIV Gil but also best solutions for all players, we will help you to enjoy more fun in this game.

Actually during the initial run through the SB MSQ I ran as many of these side quests as I could as I went so that I could gain as much of the gear as possible, and ultimately sold most of the gear for jobs I wasn't working on, on the MB for a tidy profit.