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pathofexile May 16

You have big problems whit that you die a lot when you trying out again blade vortex. If you guess your play style more tanki but you do want to keep play blade vortex whit dagger cuz you love whirlwind blade. Any idea what class to take to be more tanki? But to keep at less 1 mill shaper dps.

For the most part it'll be burst damage and physical damage that'll do it to you. For the former I would recommend grabbing a bubbling divine flask (or heck, even two if you really want to). The best solution for burst damage IMO is "Life gained for each Enemy hit by your Spells" on Shaper rings, which can roll up to +15 life. These are absolutely crucial! In 3.3 the hit rate for BV will go up to 7.5, which means that you can at least get 30 x 7.5 = 225 life back per second on just one target and 1000+ life per second in packs.

For the latter you have several options. You can grab an Elder shield with additional block chance and combine that with Tempest Surge (also a great way to manually proc Arcane Surge). Then there's Immortal Call and Molten Shell on a CWDT setup. Also, don't forget to put Fortify on Shield Charge and keep that up as much as possible. Then there's the possibility of carrying a Taste of Hate. Last, but certainly not least you should definitely grab a Decoy Totem! This helps immensely!

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