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smrtsmith Jul 8

 NHN Japan is Korea LION GAMES is "under development Soul Worker has announced it has acquired the distribution rights in Japan."
 This work, characteristic online Soul Worker Dzenai action RPG graphic type of Japanese anime style. In the 1st series title for your LION GAMES, the distribution agreements in South Korea outside, the Japan with the two countries eye following a Taiwan contract.
 From Yoon Sung CEO of LION GAMES within the press release, we've contracts with Japan's best from the publisher NHN Japan to possess a lot of successful experience inside "MORPG, we have been delighted. We are planning also mobile deployment the long run Therefore, in conjunction together with the LINE we also expect that after you're completed. to have a Japanese customers always Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai satisfaction inside game, also comments all of which will do healthy. "
 Service in time Japan is now undecided, however it is title for being worried about anything within the future deployment.