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So if you've been thinking of beginning a new class or taking a break from TERA, now is a good time to buy Tera Gold get back into it. For the full details about the event, including the level tiers and details on the prizes, head over to the game's official EU website.

And the mmogo TERA is no different. But you could argue that this event will be different than all others, because their occasion is one that is on a much bigger scale. How so? Well, in TERA's event, the monsters of their world have gone, crazier, they're doing things they weren't doing before. Mainly, they are attacking specific territories, and now you've got to prevent it.

In case you're looking for specifics on who is doing what, the Steam page for the show notes :"Worshipers of Fire are besieging the world's arctic regions, the argons are starting a new invasion of Seeliewood, along with the dwellers of Bathysmal Rise want to flood the hills with cold waters."

Oh, and there's a fourth set out there as well. You will find skeletons infused with dim chaos magic who wish to Tera gold carry out the living. So take them out too. The map above shows exactly where all these creatures on in regards to their own plans. Go to them, then discontinue them at all costs.