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Nexon does care about hackers/botters cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos, and they do everything they could in order to reduce them. So therefore, it is not about moderating or knowledge. It is about how the system has been created in different area.

Back in GMS; botters and hackers can create news personality and fund them to resume in which their previous character got permanently banned. If they get permanently IP banned; they can pretty much change it no matter what.

Nonetheless, in KMS; it is fairly different because you're required SSN (social security numbers) so as to create the accounts and play the game whereas GMS doesn't. It is marginally quite like MS2 Mesos Blizzard's charging system, because you are providing real information of your individuality, and people would not attempt to do something stupid ( a couple does) to violate their individuality.

Example: You are botting in KMS and you provided your SSN, and Nexon have evidence that you are botting, and they are permanently banned you along with your SSN is going to have a record that you have participate illegal activities. When you attempt to enroll games that required SSN (largely in South Korea); you will have troubling register an account on that specific game.