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Watch Deadpool 2 Full Movie Online Free No Sign Up 'Deadpool 2018' graduates to blockbuster season and comes packing social media firepower Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool in Twentieth Century Fox’s "Deadpool 2018" Source: Twentieth Century Fox Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool in Twentieth Century Fox’s "Deadpool 2018" Can the 'Merc with a mouth' pull it off again? Heading into the release of "Deadpool 2018, " it might have been hard to imagine how leading man, script-writer and producer Ryan Reynolds could top the social media blitz he waged on behalf of the franchise's first installment. The chief Deadpool evangelist could do worse than a slickly produced music video starring fellow Canadian, Celine Dion. Back in 2016, that sort of self-aware social media stunt helped propel Twentieth Century Fox's feature about a deformed super-powered mercenary into box office record books. The formula appears to be working once more: The hotly anticipated "Deadpool 2018" sequel is generating a huge volume of online chatter, on its way to one of the biggest U. S. openings of the year "Deadpool 2018" is currently on pace for a $150 million-plus U. S. premier, a figure that would top the first film's $132 million debut. Comic book fans are sure to flood multiplexes next week for the continuing adventures of Wade Wilson, Marvel Comics' gun-toting, sharp-tongued mercenary whose code-name is Deadpool. This time around, Fox is padding out the cast with Cable, Domino and "X-Force" — characters who debuted alongside Deadpool 2018 in the early '90s heydey of hard-edged "X-Men" comics. Reynolds and his fellow filmmakers appear to be taking nothing for granted, though. They've been churning out a steady stream of content to slake the offbeat thirst of Deadpool's cult following. They are trying to remind the general movie-going public that Fox's wonderfully weird breakout hit of 2016 is returning for another violent romp through theaters. And "Deadpool 2018" appears to be every bit the viral juggernaut that the original was, according to readings by several social media firms. Teasers, trailers and other content on YouTube for "Deadpool 2018" generated five times as many emotional reactions as videos for the original, despite the first film drumming up more views, Canvs reports. That indicates that fans are more passionate about the sequel's release, according to the firm, which analyzes how people react to online content There were 534, 600 tweets bearing the hashtag #Deadpool, #Deadpool 2 or #DP2 in the month leading up to May 10, according to social media marketing firm Sprinklr. That compares with 395, 000 tweets hashtagged #Deadpool 2018 in the 30 days before to the original's premier. Reynolds is once again a big driver of that conversation. This year, the star's Deadpool-related tweets were retweeted about 913, 000 times, reports marketing technology company Amobee. "His grassroots efforts on social channels... shows how Reynolds was able to leverage his personal social media accounts to introduce a mainstream audience to his even more sarcastic alter-ego, " Jonathan Cohen, Amobee's principal brand analyst, told CNBC in an email.